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Infertility as a problem

Infertility affects approximately one in every seven couples, and its prevalence is increasing, possibly due to the widespread consumption of processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. In our society, having children is considered a crucial aspect of married life, and couples often face tremendous pressure to conceive immediately after marriage. At our center, we recognize these challenges and approach our patients with empathy and understanding when discussing treatment options. We prioritize personalized care, treating each patient as a unique individual, and providing not only medical treatment but also comprehensive emotional support. It is this individualized patient care and compassionate approach that distinguishes us from other centers.

About Us

Prof. Dr. Saqib Siddiq is a highly acclaimed Obstetrician/Gynecologist who has played a pioneering role in introducing IVF technology to Pakistan back in 1989. He has been instrumental in bringing ICSI technology to the country, revolutionizing the field of infertility treatment. Over the years, Dr. Siddiq has led a dedicated team that has provided exceptional fertility care to numerous couples worldwide. Our team consists of well-qualified and trained professionals who are deeply committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Areeba Saqib to our accomplished team. Having recently completed her studies at the esteemed University of Leeds in the UK, she brings fresh expertise and a passion for helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood. Together, we strive to continue our legacy of excellence in fertility treatment.

Gynecological Surgeries

Mid City Hospital offers comprehensive round-the-clock emergency services, ensuring immediate medical assistance is available whenever needed. Our emergency facilities include a fully equipped labour room, labour delivery room, and operation theatre. We prioritize patient privacy, and we have a dedicated female staff available upon patient request to ensure their comfort and confidentiality. Our medical officers are present 24/7, and experienced gynecologists provide consultant coverage. Additionally, our team includes highly skilled midwives who provide continuous assistance throughout labor, as well as expert anesthetists who offer essential pain relief services like epidurals. We also provide access to Entonox, a pain management option. At Mid City Hospital, we are committed to delivering exceptional care and support to our patients at all times.

Maternity Services

At Mid City Hospital, our dedicated services team is fully devoted to delivering safe, top-notch, and inclusive healthcare services to women and their families. We strive to provide exceptional care across a wide range of needs, from high-quality midwife-led services for low-risk cases to specialized maternal and fetal medicine for women with known risk factors or those who experience pregnancy complications. We strongly encourage women to seek maternity services at the earliest stage of their pregnancy, as research suggests that early access to such services can lead to improved outcomes for both mothers and their babies. At MidCity Hospital, we offer various options for care, including midwifeled care, shared care, and consultant-led care, ensuring that every woman receives the appropriate level of support and expertise throughout their pregnancy journey.

Religious & Ethical Aspect

At our facility, we place a strong emphasis on upholding Islamic ethics and adhering to the principles of Shariah law. Our approach to assisted reproductive technologies strictly follows these guidelines. We only utilize the husband’s sperm and the wife’s eggs in our procedures, refraining from practices such as sperm, egg, or embryo donation, as well as surrogacy.

Maintaining a robust ethical framework is of utmost importance to us. We prioritize patient confidentiality and ensure that each individual is assigned a unique code number, ensuring the utmost privacy and anonymity. All samples are meticulously labeled and assigned corresponding code numbers, leaving no room for any potential mix-ups or errors. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards while providing our patients with the best possible care.


Prof. Dr. Saqib Siddiq is a trailblazer in the field of IVF treatment in Pakistan, having introduced it in 1989. He played a pivotal role in establishing the ICSI treatment method for the first time in the country. In addition to his contributions at Saqib IVF, he also took the initiative to set up the first IVF center in Bangladesh. Through his unwavering dedication and sincere commitment to his profession, coupled with the blessings of Allah Almighty, he has enabled a significant number of couples to experience the joy of parenthood. His remarkable success and high birth rates set him apart from his peers in the field.
Our Team
Prof. Dr. Saqib Siddiq Prof. Dr. Saqib Siddiq Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Specialist ART Consultant
Dr. Areeba Saqib Dr. Areeba Saqib Reproductive Medicine Specialist Clinical Embryologist
Dr. Farzana Noor Dr. Farzana Noor ART counselor
Dr. Tayyaba Usman Dr. Tayyaba Usman ART counselor
Miss. Sumayya Younis Miss. Sumayya Younis Chief Embryologist
Mr. Salman Ghauri Mr. Salman Ghauri Embryologist/Andrologist
Miss. Javeria Faiz Miss. Javeria Faiz Andrologist
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